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I recommend her highly!

“I woke up one morning about a week before Christmas in 2019 and realized I had very little hearing in both my ears. I never had any problem like this in the past, felt perfectly healthy, with lots of energy.

Couldn’t figure out what had happened, no pain in either ear, just very little hearing! I thought it might clear up, so waited a couple of days.  Then, I booked an appointment with a well known ENT doctor as soon as I could. He didn’t know what was causing it and said hopefully it will just go away naturally and to make an appointment in 3 months!! I had just met Dr. Nancy once socially and decided I would go and see her. Well after 2 visits twice a week for 3 weeks, and her incredible treatment, I was totally cured!! I can’t thank her enough and continue to go to her periodically just to keep my over all health in top condition. Dr. Nancy is one of those true gems in alternative medicine! I think she could probably cure anything and I recommend her highly!!!”   — Jo. L, Delray Beach, FL

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