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Nancy Hiller, DAOM, MSAOM

Nancy’s education began in music and physics, but, after a car accident, her interests focused on Medical Anthropology and the health sciences.  Through a “journey of recovery”, she found nutrition, manipulative therapies, acupuncture, and the integrative medical approach more helpful with the healing of soft tissue injuries and post-concussion symptoms than drug therapy.

Eastern Medicine & manipulative therapies (Cranio/Osteopathic), became her primary care by the year 2000.  She continued her education part-time while developing a small, successful, real estate firm in Austin, Texas.  Her studies focused on pre-med formally, and Nutrition, Herbology, and photobiomodulation privately.

In 2013 she completed her pre-med requirements to begin Sarasota’s East West College of Natural Medicine and attend their 10 semester Oriental Medical Program.   Her special interests of research are pain management, neurology,  sports medicine, and post-concussion therapies.  She studied these subjects in depth, along with Fertility, pre- and post-natal care and performed research for Raynaud’s Diseases during her Doctoral program at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale.

She utilizes Eastern Medicine — Acupuncture, Cranial and other Tuina techniques, Acupoint Injection Therapy,  and Herbology — w/Nutrition, Nutriceuticals, Cold Laser, and other Integrative Therapies.  She is continuing her post graduate studies with a specialty in Neurology & Pain, & TBI/Stroke Therapy.   Dr. Hiller is a PhD candidate with the Atlantic Institute of Orienental Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  

Nancy Hiller, DOM, DAOM & PhD(c)
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