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Insurance Information

We provide “Super Receipts” for any patient upon request that include proper CPT codes for the services we provide and the proper ICD-10 codes for the diagnoses that insurance companies require.  We will provide these per visit or at the end of each month, regardless of which insurance company you utilize. 

You may want to call your insurer and inquire 1) if you have coverage for acupuncture and acupuncturist varied services (some insurers will only pay for PT-type services that acupuncturists also may administer and while many pay for acupuncture, they may not pay for e.g. acupuncture injection therapy). 

Also, you may want to ask if there is a limit to the diagnoses they will cover – e.g. some will only cover chronic low back, knee pain, and insomnia, while others may not place a limit on coverage. Ask if there is a deductible, a required co-pay, and ask if there is a limit to the number of sessions. 

Many insurance companies will reimburse the patient within 7 – 21 days after receipt of this provided paperwork.  We hope you understand.  This enables us to keep our prices lower than would be necessary if we 1) hired a full time insurance biller (and with many companies having intermediaries now between providers of benefits and the provider of treatments,  it can be more than one full time job and one that that the DAOM cannot possibly do).  Secondly, many of those who have insurance billers must also raise prices to cover the losses that always incur from the risk that a provider may never be paid.

Your acupuncturist will want to know your insurance limitations, if any, and how she/he may help to design your treatment plan within any parameters, if necessary.

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