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Yoga/Physical Therapies

Spend an informative and body/life changing hour or two with Ceci Lester.  She will help your mind and body to re-train your muscles to encourage balance and alignment after injury or years of compensation for over and under use of muscle groups.  See her weekly to bring you through a customized program you will design together for daily use.  OR, see her once or twice and receive a video tape to use on your travels and at home for a completely customized daily, “mindful” program.  These programs are like nothing else you have experienced and are uniquely effective for long-term wellness and pain-free living.  Once your muscles and nerves are unimpinged and pain-free, you will want to keep them that way!

Dr. Hiller may recommend various stretches and therapeutic movements from a variety of proven modalities with an emphasis on Yoga Therapy routines customized for your particular needs.  She may recommend a Certified Yoga Therapist for you to spend 1 or more sessions with if your needs are more complex.

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