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The Whole of Medicine is What You Deserve; nothing less 

Dr. Nancy is passionate about offering her patients and educating the public on “The Whole of Medicine”.  She holds an MSAOM, Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as, an Internationally recognized Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine or DAOM.

The average American’s experience of medicine may be the two Western Conventional therapies, solely:   drugs and surgery.  These two interventions are invaluable when life and death weigh in the immediate balance.  The risks — invasiveness of surgeries & side effects of drugs – are certainly worth the rewards.  But, for the rest of the time, the other 80-90% of evidence-based acupuncture, herbal medicines, and other integrative therapies should always be the first resort. 

If dis-comfort or dis-ease is where your health concerns are today, we offer you logical choices for your “first resort health care”. Acupuncture is not only proven more effective for pain and trauma (than opioids), and solely effective or complementary to Western Care for neurological disorders and cancer treatment, and has a history of safety over thousands of years.  The studies abound from our military hospitals and helped to instate DAOMs in every MI hospital around the U.S..  Research on the inarguable positive effects of acupuncture around the world is produced more each year for an array of internal pathologies, as well as for pain management and remediation.  Chinese Herbal Medicine (Kampo) is  prescribed by Western-trained MDs and DAOMs (Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) in other countries around the world because of its weighty, significantly positive research, conducted by esteemed scientists of Europe and Asia, and because of its effectiveness proven over decades of modern-day clinical usage.  Its preventive use, immune building, and well-known anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics deem it a necessity to add to and complement our American medical culture of today.

These two are the cornerstones of the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine* and integrative medicine.  They complement the urgency of drug and surgical therapies quite well.   The additional therapies offered here are generally standard and even mainstays of other countries’ sports medicine clinics and primary care medical offices.  All are proven clinically, as well as, research supported.

So welcome to the rest of medicine!  We love working with your health care team and welcome medical personnel questions along with any you may have.  Call, email, or book a 15 minute free consultation to ensure we can help.  In the meantime, please peruse our research library tab for syndromes and health areas we have treated successfully, such as: 

In 2013 Florida and many states around the country adopted a 4 National board certification policy vs. only 2 boards previously required (in addition to a MSAOM or DAOM degree from an accredited ACAOM college).  Of the two additional boards, one is an in-depth Bio-medical board (pharmacology, imaging, Western pathology & physiology, etc.) and the other, an in-depth Eastern botanical medical board.  There exists still, with grandfathering of licensure, and other states’ lower standards, a large difference in education between the “Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” and the “Licensed Acupuncturist”. 

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