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Holistic Life Coaching

Dr. Hiller is also a Certified Professional Life Coach having completed the two year degree from the International Coaching Academy of Canada (now the school of Coaching at Duke University). Often psychological and physical challenges arise from habits of thinking that no longer serve us and repressed emotions and/or memories that need a bit of nudging to come to the surface to be released! It’s not as challenging or as long a process as most of us have been taught to believe.

Coaching deals with right where you are in the here and now. While it may be beneficial to remember a moment in time, the need for trudging through childhood experiences in detail for years is not what coaching is about. Correcting the thinking patterns of today and releasing what may still be affecting your emotions today are literally the only two keys you need to create your happiest tomorrows.

You will see how it works in one session. Call for an appointment right away and get started!

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