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AcuNova & Micro-Acupuncture

After completing her Doctoral studies at Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Hiller did an intensive training in Denmark, at the Boel Clinic of Copenhagen.  There she studied “AcuNova” based on a form of micro-acupuncture brought to light by a Dr. Dahlgren who built upon the work of an esoteric Chinese doctor in the 1950s.  

Their  ‘new’ (nova) use of acupuncture points in the hands and feet would prove to be monumentally helpful to patients recovering from chronic eye conditions among other neurological challenges.  Dr. John Boel advanced the micro-acupuncture principals and developed a full 9 branched medicine he calls AcuNova.  He and his family have opened 18 clinics and teach this groundbreaking medicine at locations all over Europe.

These treatments not only utilize unusual acupuncture points, but, require a protocol very different from the normal once or twice per week treatment schedule.  There is an intensive two week period with 10 treatments per week (2-3 per day, x  4 or 5 days) followed by 1-3 months of rest and healing.  The outcomes have been nothing short of astounding, especially, when considering that up until now, challenges like Macular Degeneration and Retinitis Pigmentosa have had their progression slow or reverse quite insignificantly by mainstream medical efforts.  Note that most patients can maintain their new level of sight with just one or two visits per year, thereafter.

AcuNova is one of the most effective methods to treat vision loss from degenerative eyes disease.  It is extremely safe, non-invasive, and it is estimated that over 250,000 patients per week are receiving this treatment now (predominantly in Europe).  Commonly treated challenges include:  Macular Degeneration (wet & dry), Diabetic neuropathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other chronic and degenerative diseases. 

From recent studies, one consisting of 4,985 AMD patients receiving only 20 treatments approximately

  • 83% of patients had a 15%+ visual field improvement from this first round of therapy.
  • For more (and even greater) statistics/studies, please visit
  • Hiller is just one of a handful of doctors in the U.S. trained in and utilizing this specific technique. She is on a mission to get the word out and have it offered in East Asian Medical Colleges around the country!


Forms of micro-acupuncture have been used for an estimated 4000 years to treat various human ailments, but, only when a research-oriented acupuncturist brought this particular form (utilizing the hands and foot points to affect the brain/body) back to a Denmark clinic – planning to use its special influences on arthritis patients – was it discovered that the patients with vision challenges were ‘accidentally’ discovering great improvements in their eyesight!

AcuNova works by stimulating the body’s blood flow to the eyes increasing the energy or ATP production directly to damaged cells.  It works like an amplifier to the body’s innate healing mechanism.  Oxygen, nutrients, and electro-chemical energy floods into the small capillaries feeding nerves and regenerating eye tissue. 

Another theory, posed by Baylor College of medicine is that a “hippo pathway” to regeneration of the cells at the back of the eye is responsible for the regeneration, or the lack thereof, of the damaged eye cells.  Perhaps, somehow, AcuNova/Micro- Acupuncture of the hands/feet interrupts the suppression of this regenerative mechanism (  Regardless of the exact mechanism(s) of action, the patient should know within the first 10 treatments if they are on the road to better eyesight and if this treatment will be working for them (often some improvement occurs within 2-4 treatment sessions). 

There is obviously no cure for chronic eye diseases and everyone’s results will be different from the rest.  However, this appears to be, right now, the best treatment for living with a chronic eye condition, and, further, the good news is that the results are very very hopeful that a much better quality of life is just around the corner for most. 

For the very reason that each individual is uniquely made and will experience and maintain their own unique results, every patient receives a treatment that is just a little unique to them – incorporating additional body, scalp, and auricular points, likely, along with custom herbal medicinal prescriptions.   There will be, often, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, as well —  Chinese or East Asian medicine is a Wholistic practice, we understand that any disease is a part of an imbalance in the Whole of the natural life of the individual and we will do EVERYthing within our power to lift you up to the highest possible level of wellbeing! 

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