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My first day with them, my life turned around

I am s 57-year-old woman and  had an  impact from a car door to my head (the left lateral frontal bone).  Immediately following I had  nausea, neck pain, and headache followed by (within days) a severe headache (temporal pressure like band wrapping around the head and over the top to my forehead and eyes.  I had  severe light and sound sensitivity, vertigo, pressure to the sides of head, increased head and neck pain, memory loss, and eventually severe insomnia (0-2 hours per night),weight gain (though decreased caloric intake along with decreased exercise).  I was also exhausted all the time and developed a very loud tinnitus in both ears.  I went on like this for 7 months and if anything, it was seeming to get worse.

Then I saw Dr. Karen Helmick and Dr. Nancy Hiller.  They worked as a team and gave me a “multi-modal” treatment of Scalp Acupuncture with Auricular and body acupuncture, Cold Laser treatments, and one or two Acupuncture Injection therapy treatments with B12 & homeopathics.

All I know was that my first day with them, my life turned around.  I went for 5-6 weeks and EVERYthing went away and I was my old self again.  I even started losing weight again.

That was over two years ago and now I just go once every couple of months for “maintenance” so I never have to feel like that again!  Thank You SO Much!  – Cheryl G., Venice FL

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