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I was diagnosed with Sciatica.  All I know is that I walked like a 90 year old man and sometimes every step was like tripping a land mine of lightening bolts.  I was desperate enough to try anything because pills weren’t helping, PT and Chiropractors didn’t help, and I had no faith in surgery – heard too many of the bad result stories.  So, I tried acupuncture.  The first time I went I had some relief for a day and same with the second time.  But, the third time I went to Dr. Hiller.  She spent almost 2 hours with me.  This included an acupuncture treatment and a full program of exercises, stretches and even a nutritional and supplemental program (simple, but, different for me).  I went back to see her 4 days later and I was so improved, she told me to come back in two weeks, but, call her if the pain returned.  It didn’t.  I see her once per month to get a jump start on preventive medicine and to turn 90 in great health!  — Robert S., Lake Worth, FL

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