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I was diagnosed with Sciatica.  All I know is that I walked like a 90 year old man and sometimes every step was like tripping a land mine of lightening bolts.  I was desperate enough to try anything because pills weren’t helping, PT and Chiropractors didn’t help, and I had no faith in surgery – heard too many of the

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My first day with them, my life turned around

I am s 57-year-old woman and  had an  impact from a car door to my head (the left lateral frontal bone).  Immediately following I had  nausea, neck pain, and headache followed by (within days) a severe headache (temporal pressure like band wrapping around the head and over the top to my forehead and eyes.  I had  severe light and sound

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3 Year Itchy Rash

Dr. Hiller saved my life!  I had a 3 year itchy rash (Allergic Dermatitis?) that Western Medicine could not help me with — in 30 days w/Dr. Nan’s treatments, I could sleep through the night and it was completely gone in 90 days.  That was over four years ago & it has not returned!  Thank you Dr.Nan”   Laurie HB, Seaford

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Hearing Loss

“I woke up one morning in October of 2019 with a loss of 60% of my hearing!  I spent 3 months with an ENT, a Neurologist, & numerous tests & was told ‘your tests are normal, it happens & we don’t know why – get some hearing aids’.  Dr. Nancy said she wasn’t sure if she could help me, but,

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